Healthy living doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming, or expensive!

 I've compiled all of my favorite holistic healing modalities for your mind, body,

and spirit into one monthly offering that's suitable for all levels. 

My premium membership includes:

1. virtual fitness classes 

Easy to fit into your busy lifestyle!

Every month you'll receive:

four, 20-30 minute classes per week that include yoga, pilates, barre, and qigong.  

2. virtual meditation classes

Compliment to your fitness routine!

Every month you'll receive:

4, 5-15 minute meditations that include an affirmation meditation, new moon meditation, full moon meditation and sound healing meditation.

3. nutrition

Healthy eating made simple!

Every month you'll receive:

twelve printable plant based recipes (3 per week) that are tasty, nutritious, and satisfying. Save them in a binder and eventually end up with an entire cookbook!

4. exclusive facebook group 

Connect with your tribe!

Every month you'll receive:

access to an exclusive facebook group that provides the opportunity to connect and develop relationships with other subscribers.

5. inspiration

Stay the course!

Every month you'll receive:

weekly motivational emails and a printable calendar and gratitude journal to keep you focused on your path.

6. coaching call

You're not alone!

Every month you'll receive:

one, 20 minute holistic lifestyle counseling session tailored to your specific needs including nutrition, fitness, stress management, or simply a shoulder to lean on.

7. wellness subscription box

Delivered right to your door!

Every month you'll receive:

a themed wellness box that includes a handmade 5ml essential oil blend, a handmade affirmation card, and a polished healing crystal.

Click here to sign up! ($50 per month)

My basic membership includes:

Services 1 through 6 listed above

Click here to sign up! ($30 per month)